The Benefits of SEO for Local Nightclubs & Bars

Austin Texas 6th Street

The nightclub and bar industry continues to evolve and utilize the latest trends. With new trends and styles popping up each day – the most successful nightclubs and bars are the ones that experiment and adapt to the latest changes and developments. No truer is this then when it comes to the utilizing the internet today, which now allows businesses to reach customers in the most personalized way in history. As part of our blog, we continue to showcase the best entertainment venues and clubs in Austin and wanted to take an opportunity to highlight ways to reach out to Austinites.

In order to get a better grasp on how area bars and clubs can increase visibility and customer patronage, we reached out to a local Internet Marketing Firm – Searchbounce.

When asked about local bars and clubs in Austin, the firm was adamant about captivating and compelling websites. They also stressed the importance of staying active on social sites and mobile media integration, along with promotional videos using YouTube due to its conversion power. With the new digital age upon us, these are the core elements for any nightclub or bar that wanting to drive sales, while generating a lasting buzz about their venues and services.

Daily discounts and specials keep people talking and sharing which is why they’re so effective. These, of course, have to be highlighted and look great while being able to track how each discount is impacting sales. There are many different tools for this. Youtube and Vimeo both provide stats about video shares, likes, etc but don’t tell the whole story about what is happening after they finish the video.

Here are some of the best things nightclubs and bars can go after:

Website optimization – complete SEO analysis and assessment of existing sites. Revamping and optimizing sites with new SEO that meets or exceeds Google’s White Hat criteria. Gripping templates that establish uniformity and consistency across the board – eye-catching visuals and graphics that showcases your local bar or club in its best light. Streamlined and centralized content that is easy to scan, digest, and optimized for social and mobile media platforms.

Mobile friendly – Ensuring your sites and blogs are mobile-friendly, which allows pages to be accessible via remote, wireless, and digital devices. This helps to make sure you’re not giving away customers to your competitors, while ensuring your business appears in local search results, Google Maps, citations, and especially customer testimonials and industry reviews when customers search using their phone.

Online advertising – Facebook, Twitter & YouTube all offer paid advertising that can be targeted to a local area. This is typically done when you’re looking to promote a special event.

Content creation – Articles, press releases, and blogs that showcase your club or bar to local audiences. Engaging content that helps increase conversion rates, recurring web traffic, and plenty of “likes” via linked Facebook and other social media pages.

Interested in professional help?

With years of industry experience, Searchbounce provides SEO consulting services for businesses. They also offer a full suite of services designed to help businesses attract and engage new customers. With a talented team of social media gurus, web developers, and internet marketing experts – the firm has helped countless brands secure higher visibility and recurring business.

Searchbounce not only offers comprehensive and cohesive Internet marketing packages, they are simply committed to excellence in all SEO and online advertising campaigns. As your San Antonio SEO professionals, they are proud to help local bars and clubs with a free consultation and answer any you might have about the services they offer.

Austin’s Local Hotspots for Cooling Down

Austin offers a place for music lovers and night owls to relish in the strong drinks and fantastic bars that are located throughout the city. Whatever your taste buds are calling for there’s an Austin bar to quench your thirst.

Here are just a few delicious finds that’ll put you in a happy mood for the rest of the night

  1. drink.well.

The best part about this spot is that it combines the neighborhood corner feel and the highbrow cocktail artistry that is found in New York City. The drink menu is constantly changing based on the time of year which allows you to get a refreshing change of drinkistry about every month.  It’s a great spot for a friendly meet up and the staff are upbeat and easy shoot the breeze with.

  1. Club de Ville

This is a music hot spot where bands play in front of the cliffs which provide an awesome backdrop. This club hosts everything from plays, fashion shows, music and networking events so make sure to check the schedule so you’re showing up for the right event.

  1. Draught House

Micro-brew and British pub, this spot has high wooden beam ceilings and heavy oak tables. If you’re a wine-sipping liquor-tasting kind of person you might want to go elsewhere. This bar is for the beer lovers where over 50 different beers are on tap with many being shipped from European imports. Come on a Saturday for a beer tasting and you’ll get to try some of their delicious sausages.

  1. Péché

Hidden away in the warehouse district this jewel mixes a huge liquor selection and prohibition style menu that’ll make you wish you were Frank The Tank so you could taste all the selections. Come for the great variety, enjoy the delicious French food and try some absinthe.

  1. Carousel Lounge

This is a small bar located on Congress Street it has some of the best classical and creative art offers we’ve tasted in a bar. Everything from homemade mixers to New Orleans style coffee, this will leave your taste buds confused and delighted at the variety.

  1. East Side Show Room

The East Side Show Room is an old-timey bar that makes you feel as though you’ve entered another place and time. Its classy patrons drink under a glow of Edison bulbs and gypsy music fills the space. This place is perfect for the Austinites that are looking for the 1900’s industrial feel that offers food and well-dressed bartenders. One of their most popular drinks is the Old Fashioned Einstein on the Beach which combines gin, Cherry Heering, pineapple & citrus.

  1. Whisler’s

It is located all the way on the end of 6th street, Whisler’s is a new place that has all of your friend’s different tastes covered. While it does cater to the patrons that enjoy the outdoor patio seating, it also has a mysterious inside bar that’s full of creative bartenders who can serve up almost anything you’re wanting.