Snowie Shaved Ice



We’re expecting a busy year for 2014. This year you can find Snowie at all of your favorite music and sporting events. In upcoming weeks you will find Snowie at the Art City Austin Festival 2014 , along with the Austin Urban Moto Races.

One of our personal favorites is the Eeyores Birthday Bash at Pease Park. Eeyores is one of austin’s oldest and original festivals, it was around long before the “Keep Austin Weird” was a catchy little phrase. It might even be the pioneer of the Austin Weirdness that everyone loves.

The 57 Scotsman is a classic Americana menu with a creative flair. For this years festivals  we’ll be catering a vegetarian menu for most of the summer events, and returning to classic americana for the 2013 trail of lights festival.

We look forward to seeing you all at the next event!!



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